Metronotes is a suite of financial tools built on top of the Bitcoin Network.


1,000,000,000,000 XMN are scheduled for creation for everyday use. Trillions of units are available just like dollars. Just like traditional money systems, an additional 10% of over the target will be created for unforseen events.


Every Metronote is protected by the power and strength of the most secure network ever built by mankind. XMN inherits each quality of its underlying asset and only expands on its capabilities.


Metronotes has the lightest environmental footprint than any monetary system ever created. Only a single Bitcoin was used in its creation to solidify the potentials of decentralization. Metronotes is set to track global growth.


Real world applications naturally demand realtime drivers of events. Metronotes is no exception and delivers on its promise of instant transactions. Most network confirmations occur within 10 minutes and trades in the billions of units happen flawlessly.